In mid-June, Mejja's song 'Tabia Za Kanario' was pulled down from YouTube after an upcoming artiste claimed Mejja stole the song. Please note that the video had amassed over 1.2 million views. 

At that time, Mejja was so upset and made it clear he is tired of being the nice guy.

“I am dealing with a lot of hate. I will never give in. But I am done being the humble guy.” He said

Speaking on an exclusive interview with Simulizi Sauti, Mejja said they are currently in court dealing with this issue.

"By the way we are going to court. Actually we are in court because the guy who got my song pulled down from YouTube was served by my lawyers and then he counter sued.  And if you listen to the song, I even put it up on my Instagram page for people to listen and you can also tell, the two songs are not a like at all. 

You see these days people are really focusing on pulling down songs to use that as clout so that their career picks up just like that. People are used to doing this to me saying I am chilled person but this time, I am dealing with it."