Femi One is making it very clear one more time, the success of her song Utawezana featuring Mejja, is not really all thanks to Azziad.

Azziad did a video on TikTok dancing to the song and it became a challenge. In fact, that was what made her famous.

The video created a lot of tension after a section of Kenyans criticized Femi for allegedly not thanking Azziad enough for having made the song a hit

Speaking during an interview with Massawe, Femi One said the trolling hurt her feelings.

"She (Azziad) knew that I had reached out to her and she had the power to shut critics but she did not I ended up looking like the bad guy. If she told people that I had sent her a DM people would have shut up.

The song had been famous even before she did the challenge but I admit she did well as her video went viral." She said

Adding that,


"I started the challenge and it was up to fans to decide who was their favorite.

People felt like I did not deserve that success. They felt like Mejja deserved the success while I was not.

People were not looking at all the years I had put in hard work. They judged me wrongly as a woman as they felt I had been ‘helped’.."

Asked what is the worst thing that has happened to her, Femi shared

"At some point, people created a group dubbed ‘Unsubscribe Femi one’ yet I wronged no one. "

It hasn't been easy for her in the industry but the success of the song Utaweza opened up so many doors for her. It actually made her more famous. I mean she' at 700k plus followers and has a bagged a few ambassadorial deals.