Kimani Mbugua

Former TV and radio personality Kimani Mbugua has left a section of social media users worried about his health.

Kimani who battles Bipolar took to his socials to ask anyone who owes him money to pay immediately or else he will take action.

A look at his posts shows a worrying trend of someone who needs help urgently. 

In one of the videos he tells Kenyans off.

In the other he is seen demanding for anyone who owes him money to pay.

A month ago, Kimani Mbugua appealed for help to trace his phone after he was allegedly robbed while Live on TikTok.

Through his socials, Kimani alleged that he was on a morning walk when the incident occurred.

"Guys I was mugged this morning while I was live on Tiktok by a guy with a panga, I was on my morning walk in Jomoko in Thika. I hurt my leg and hand but am doing okay."

He added that he had reported the case to the police.

"I reported the case to Kiandutu police station OB no 05/23/03/24 I am doing okay but I lost my Samsung A34 which you guys bought me, I was producing content with it, Kenya police please help me recover it please."

This was not the first time he was publicly asking for financial help.

Last year Kenyans contributed more than Sh500,000 for the former TV presenter.

In his plea for help, Kimani had asked Kenyans for exactly Sh200k to start a business as he was struggling financially.

Tiktoker Nyako however helped raise more than double the amount.