Bahati is the perfect example of confusing your enemies.

Today he has beef with someone and he will throw so much shade and then come and say 'love'.

Last we left he had serious and I mean serious beef with Mr. Seed. It even became a family thing. And of course, with Willy Paul, that is always a constant.

But in his latest post, he appreciated them for coming before him in the music industry.

"Let Me Take Y'all Back to this Day; a story I have Never Shared With anyone. With lots of humility I acknowledge that my two brothers in this Picture Came Before me & For Sure Musically they Were I ahead of Me. If I can Remember Well this Was Groove Awards 2012 Red Carpet and they Were both Nominees My Blood @MrSeedofficial Was Riding high with his hit #PAPAGOD & @WillyPaulMsafi his Song Sitolia for Sure I was Lucky to get a Picture With this Big Bros. For Me I was Still Fresh from ABC Children's Home and with the Desire to become a Star One Day; I ended up living at @jibrilblessing Studios (I Will tell you this Story Well on My Upcoming Documentary that I would like him to Direct but First Let me Take to You Back to Groove). Of course Because I was Unpopular simply Means I was Not Invited but I Sneaked in & Made My Way into the Red Carpet Just to Experience & to Declare my Portion in Faith hoping to Be a Winner too One Day! Thanks to Seed, Willy, Jblessing and others Wenye Walinitetea Kwa Security nisitupwe nje; We Might have Human Weaknesses but that's One of the Reasons You will Never hear Me Respond or Talk Negative about My Brothers; especially when I Remember Where We have Come From; NOTHING BEATS BROTHERLY LOVE & I FOREVER TREASURE THAT and even if I might not get an opportunity to say it Daily their Win is My Happiness and they know it well! I Know I was Over Ambitious about Success which has Never Died 😃" Bahati shared

Then he revealed that before his short gospel journey, he was leaning towards the secular world.


"There are Days I used to tell Mr. Seed NitaCall Nonini aniweke #PUNIT 🤣 ama ajue Venye Nita Sainiwa #OGOPADJS 🙈 and I Remember Coz I got depressed Nikajifunza Kucheza Guitar nikaanza kutafta Clubs Niwachezee Mugithi Kama Samidoh 😭 8 Years Later this is Me; Every Dream is Now Becoming a Reality! From that Orphaned Begger to Sitting on the President's Seat; From Being Homeless to Having the Beautiful Family God has Given Me Today; From Sneaking in the Groove Awards to Being Rated as Kenya's Number #1. I'm Doing this Post to Encourage You that Feels Like Giving Up; IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS IT'S OVER!!! I'm not Perfect but DEAR GOD; I REMEMBER WHERE YOU'VE TAKEN ME FROM; FOR EVERY BLESSING RECEIVE THE GLORY 🙏"

Probably why he is back in the secular music world, his heart was always there.