Kizz Daniel has opened up about the death of one of his children.

A few months ago, the singer and his babe welcomed triplets, but sadly one died..

Kizz has categorically stated that he will keep his relationship very private and that is why we do not know much about his personal life.


"I made the decision to keep my relationship private for a long time even before I become famous and I have decided to keep am that way." Kizz said

In a social media post where he addressed the death of his son, he said he promised to be the best father.

"GOD blessed me with 3 boys a while back 🙏🏽 JAMAL, JALIL and JELANI (triplets). 4 days after I lost JAMAL. Nevertheless, I made a promise to him that I’ll be the best father in the whole galaxy to his brothers..... Congrats to the latest Homeowners in town, Jelani and Jalil ❤️ My first gift to my sons 🥰 #Okunrinmeta." Kizz Daniel posted