We may not know how Baby O looks like but we are very much aware of the love his father, Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers, has for him.

He may be a big deal out there but when he is home, he is an amazing father and husband, according to what we see on social media.

Taking to his Instagram page, he shared a video of him and his son enjoying early morning vibes saying it's his favorite time with his son.

"Kids are the most beautiful in the morning. They are fresh from their dreams and imagination is on the highest level. So I take him to his playroom and bring out all the toys. It’s my favorite time to spend with Baby O. He gives me ALL the vibes! And also looks for boobs from me at some point as you can see at the end of the video 😅 #FatherStudies #BlackFathers #AfricanDads." Polycarp wrote

Many fathers in the comment section appreciated his words of advice including Dr. Reign, Dela's husband. Is this a hint that he could soon be a father? Okay let's not overthink that comment but we wish them all the best. They would make a beautiful baby.

A few days ago, Fancy Fingers announced that his son with Lady Mandy is almost a year old -I know time flies- and he asked what he should do for his son's first. That is after calling him his source of joy.

"Baby O. The source of my joy. Reason for my being. My everyday motivation. As you can see here he discovered the swing and loved it so much! Now I have to make him one at home. Didn’t think he would grow this fast! 10 months already! Any suggestions on what we should do for his 1st birthday??? #FatherStudies #AfricanFathers #BlackDads."