Vera Sidika has revealed that she has been sober for over 18 months now.

The heavily pregnant socialite cum businesswoman says she attributes her sober lifestyle to the pandemic which saw clubs being shut down.

Being a social drinker herself,  that meant the start of the end of alcohol intake for her.

Taking to her Insta stories, Vera wrote;

"FUN FACT: The last time I had alcohol was in March 2020, yup! I wasn't much of a drinker though. I'm a social drinker only when clubbing. So since Corona last year I hadn't clubbed therefore, no alcohol."



The Veetox founder says Brown Mauzo coming into her life later that year, all but helped her journey towards being sober, given that her fiance has never tasted alcohol in his life.

Vera is grateful to God that with a few weeks to go before she delivers their baby girl, the little angel will be joining a sober family.

"God sent me a man that never tasted alcohol in his entire life! Which made it even easier to forget. It has been 1 and a half years now. Wow I stopped drinking way before I even got pregnant," Wrote Vera.

Vera says her baby's kicks are now getting more intense with 15 weeks to go and that she can't wait to document her delivery with her online in laws.