When we found out about Benpol and Anerlisa Muigai's relationship, social media in-laws had so much to say. And no, they were not good things.

His ex even came out and claimed that he dates for the money and she sent a warning to Anerlisa claiming he will use her. 

Speaking for the first time on this issue, Benpol said that he has never been bothered by his ex-wife's wealth or age.

"What people say has never bothered me, about the wealth and age, these are things that have no chance in my mind. My attention was on my partner.

"I have heard so many stories about me and that's kinda funny and the stories are always false." He made it clear

Anerlisa is from a wealthy family, owners of Keroche Breweries and from that, she has also gotten her own wealth. She is the CEO of a very successful company that sells water and she will venture into the wine business.

So were the concerns valid? Of course, I mean the money in the family is a lot but as Benpol has said, all he wanted was a partner in Anerlisa.