Nameless celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday (I know like how can he be looking 25) and other than the normal tradition in their home of pouring water on the birthday man, a fan had a surprise for him.

On The Kiss FM Drive Show with Chito and Cyd, they made sure to read a letter to Nameless by a die-hard fan.

"A king was born today. But can we please address how he does not look anything close to 45. " Chito said

To which Cyd replied saying she was shocked.

"I was shocked. This is a case of Jeniffer Lopez at 52 looking like she is 20. "

Chito then said since Nameless did not pick up their phone call, they would still read the letter to him anyway.


"I am like yani how does this guy do it really? Seems like I am no the only one. A fan sent us a letter hoping we would read it to Nameless and by the way we called the birthday boy and he did not pick up. But it is okay, we shall deliver it to you right here right now."

Watch Cyd read the letter in a romantic voice accompanied by background music: