Cases of rape and people taking advantage of girls on road trips are rising and since Kamene and Jalas are your big sister and brother respectively, they have a few words of advice for y'all.

Especially the young generation of YOLO, beware of the skimmer.

"There always some guy who will make the trip not end well or some chic for that matter. Say we are in Naivasha, 10 of us we are drinking and it is good times. So we decide to have a bonfire so we decide to go back for fun times there.


So a chic would say, I am tired let me take a chill. Now as the guy of the chic who has left will be left skimming because he will come later. These guys will always be preying on a drunk chic. They will always follow the chick to the room and do the unfortunate and that is rape, There is no name for it." Jalas started off on The Morning Kiss

Kamene who has seen this happen to someone she knows from a certain WhatsApp group added saying,

"There is a group we are in and it happened. They went for a rieng out of town and one chic drunk a bit too much and they took her to the room to chill. The friends went back to the fun and they wake up in the morning to a case. Some guy came to her room and raped her in her drunken state. Funny thing these two are still in the group.


Jalas then had a message to the ladies,

"I want to talk to the babes, have one person who has your back because a rieng will be planned and you will find yourself green. Do not leave town with people you do not know. Go knowing half of the people you're going out with.

In a group of 10, there is always a predator and a psycho. He will always come alone and he never talks you will not even notice his presence."

It is crazy because it happens so often and like Jalas said, it starts with you as a person, take care of yourself.