I am sure many of us have been that chic who has told a man, 'but I do not belong to you'.

Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss were talking about the phrases girls use to stay in the streets.

"When do you know when things are serious. There are particular things that will lead you to affirmation. For me, I will know I am off the streets after you ask me to be your girlfriend." Kamene said

Jalas sat up and asked to understand the statement.

"Yours is different. Let me try to understand this nonsense. You could be with someone who has not asked you to be his girlfriend."

To which Kamene answered by saying,


"Until you ask me, I am not your even if you go there announcing. "

The Jalas cooked up an experience.

"Let me ask you, you're dating a certain x or rather he thinks you're his girlfriend and he finds you with a certain y. You will tell him, you have never asked me to be your girlfriend'. 

If x knows and people have been seeing you with x and he knows you're his and then y asks you to be his boyfriend. You will leave x and start dating Y?"

Kamene confidently answered him saying,

"Yes Jalas, clarity is key. I mean we hang out a lot does that mean we are dating? No, until you ask me."

Then he gave the scenarios he has seen happen to his fellow men

"I have seen this happen a lot. You can look at a couple and think they are dating and things kwa ground things are different. When she is asked what's up? She will say. 'umeleta ngombe kwetu?'

There are other chics who want a ring on it for you to claim she is yours and there are others until you post them and announce to the world she is yours, you have not declared any form of relationship."

Which one is yours?