There seems to be a saying going around the streets of Nairobi that one should invest in their girlfriend because; When you go broke it is her who will feed you not your boys.

I almost conquered with it before Jalas chimed in and made it make sense.

"That is a lie! I want you to change this thing a bit and say 'invest in your wife.. Because your girlfriend will leave when you are broke.' The way this Nairobi is set up once you go broke your girlfriend will leave you." He said.

Kamene said;

There are actually great babes out here that will ride with you till the end.


Jalas says atakua tu na wewe hapo kumbe she is being financed by someone else.

When you can't afford the good life that you once gave them then someone will,and the girlfriends who are taking care of their boyfriends may God bless you!" He added.

Check out the video below and tell us whether you believe in the 'sermon.'