Seeing Alfred Mutua and Lillian Ng'ang'a in the same space even after their breakup elicited a lot of reactions.

People were trying so much to understand what kind of breakup this is that one would still attend a party and call your ex honey. Doesn't work like that where we come from.

Jalas is always top of the game when it comes to bringing in guests when we need answers and he got Alfred Mutua to come in. I mean we need some information at least since neither has spoken about it after the public breakup.


“We agreed with Lilian not to address our issues in public. All I want to say is this, once you have given your life to somebody for a long time, it behooves you to focus on the positive elements of your time together rather than any small problems you might have had."


“It is very important in relationships that you respect each other when you are together or not together and to leave room for reconciliation and friendliness so that even if you’re with other partners you can still remain friends and work together,” Alfred told Jalas

The governor said when people break up it should never be in bad blood. I mean that's how it should always be.

Jalas made it clear that he really does love the two together and he would love to see them get back together because they were what we love to call a power couple.