Family is everything to us and if there is anyone who knows that well is Mary Irungu popularly known as Marya Prudence.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Prude who is the first born of her three siblings spoke of how close her family is.

She says her parents are also not so strict as to stop their kids from from having fun and enjoying life.

"Like for example, my dad bought me the first alcoholic drink. He introduced me to that. He was like, 'When you are out with your friends, take this and avoid this or that drink or else you will end up with a headache and so on."

Marya explained that as the first born, her family seek out her counsel when they want to make various decisions.

Asked to describe the type of relationship her family has, she said;

"My brother and I look like our mum and our sister looks just like our dad. And my sister is literally identical to my dad. The way they think and even the way they do their things," she said.

"My mum and I are twins the way we look but also I am like my dad in so many ways including my profession."

She says when she was still healing from the loss of her baby Adana and had separated with her ex husband, Willis Raburu, her parents took good care of her.

"My dad took me in when I was going through some hard times last year and told me 'I just need you to exist and whatever you need I am here to give it to you.'," she said.

"By that time all I needed was therapy and just taking care of my mental health. He took care of me and my mum made sure I ate and slept. She would cook everything for me and told me to stay with them."