Kamene and Jalas are this morning warning Kenyans against trying things that are out of our league. I.e. the crate challenge.

I am sure you have seen all over social media people going up on crates and down. Last year when COVID-19 hit the world hard, there were so many challenges people came up with and since we had so much time on our hands, we participated in all.

But this one might just pass by because Kenyans are trying to look for money in these tough economic times. And The Morning Kiss duo are echoing exactly that, don't do it.

"We already have a situation with health insurance being a rumor and now hospitals are full and you want to introduce the crate challenge?" Kamene said

Jalas added saying how one would explain to a doctor that you fell off the crates and got really hurt.

"The crate challenge will kill more people than COVID because you want to climb 30 crates and then you fall from that thing and the way the coco-cola crates are hard.

There is one I saw falling and hurt his testicles I even felt pain on his behalf. We have too many problems to add falling off a crate as one. How do you even explain this?

Dawa ya crate haijafika aii. Even vaccine bado."

Seeing as we are a third-world country, there are things that are just not for us.

"Some things are not meant for us. I am pretty sure NHIF does not have crate challenge on their list. Have you heard an idle mind is the devil's workshops? I can see devil workshops walking round." Kamene concluded