Come closer this cold Tuesday morning if you're single and yet to jump into a new relationship. Jalang'o has some wise words for you.

Speaking to Kamene on the Morning Kiss, he listed seven things you need to learn before getting into a new relationship and from the notes, it is more for someone who has left a bad relationship.

"Let me read this loud for you. If you meet that new person and you're starting this new relationship you have to know this,

1. Worry less about if they like you but more if you like them. 

2. Rejection is not as personal as it feels. Liking someone is more about compatibility than an inherent word. 


I can see you're taking this seriously.

3. Stop choosing what is not choosing you. Why are you pursuing it if it is not mutual? Stop pushing

4. Ask your self would you be friends with this person if you're physically attracted to this person, there needs to be 


5. Stop being shocked in repeated behavior, believe in them.

6. You do not need perfection to be loved. It is not relatable. They should love you as is, na kama hataki akanyage kubwa kubwa

7. We all have lows and vulnerabilities and being able to own them is the most attractive thing to do and the right person will love you with the things you felt you needed to hide.

There is a Sauti Sol song, insecure will really play a big role in this wake up call." Jalas listed

Kamene who was paying close attention in silence and affirmations responded saying,

"Someone would know this chic is impatient but they will not tolerate you but love you as you're and that is what we call real love. Today you have decided to be deep I see."