Vanessa Mdee and her manz Rotimi announced they are soon to be parents after an exclusive interview with People Magazine. 

In an Instagram Live, they answered a lot of questions and gave us a few details including that this will be the first grandchild on Rotimi's side.

So when Rotimi will be visiting Mdee's parent?

"Arusha we are coming soon. We want the corona to go down. After corona, after the baby, we will come." Rotimi said

Fans are not sure whether the couple will also do a white wedding as Vanessa has already kept calling Rotimi 'My husband' on her social media.

In fact, her Instagram bio reads Mrs A meaning Mrs Akinosho, Rotimi's sir name.

"A little bit crazy, if I should say so myself, during  the pregnancy. Scientifically, hormones' cannot be controlled so I made it through." Vanessa said

Rotimi said he has had to apologize several times even when he's not wrong.

"Hormones are a real thing fellas, say sorry when it doesn't even make sense to say sorry and just be like 'you're right' but she's crazy."

Mdee appreciated his support "He's been so patient with me, forgiving. Its been a special time for us, we are so grateful"

The Tanzanian singer added that she has only been listening to Rotimi and Mimi Mars  (her sister's) music.

"I don't listen to anything else than his music, Mimi Mar's and gospel, that's the truth because I'm very conscious of what I put into my system."

They played for us a few songs from the album, and true to their words, it is amazing.