This past week has seen Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee be the SI unit of couple goals., from their announcement on Instagram to the live they did together.

That live had us in on a lot when it comes to their relationship including when Rotimi is finally going to see his boo's parents and make this union official.

In all this love and happy moments, Rotimi's ex, Kim Oprah, decided her truth must be said and it must be heard.

In a TikTok video, she warns Vanessa not to get too comfortable as she was once in that situation with him and now she is not Rotimi' everything.

"Don’t get too comfortable sweetheart, I was his everything once too."  Kim said.

What followed was Instagram in-laws bashing Kim telling it to her in the Kenyan phrase, 'Ukiwachwa, achikia'. Basically when things go wrong in your relationship, just accept and move on.

She should have just been happy for Vee and Rotimi like Juma Jux was. Manz released a whole song just wishing them all the best. For him in as much thing between him and Vanessa did not work out, he can't wait to see her as a mother because he believes she will be an amazing one.