What kind of people do you call friends? Is it the one who lets you sees you do all the bad things and supports you? Or the one who will always tell you the naked truth even when it hurts?

Today on the wake up call with Jalang’o, the presenter wants you to have friends who always tell you the truth.


“Your friends who let you sit at the comfort of bad habits do not love you, have friends who tell you the truth. ‘Hapa umechoma’ ‘Hapa umeharibu’ ‘You can be better’’toka hapa rudi kwa bibi,’” Jalas said.

Jalas says these friends should also be able to advice you on your financial decisions as well as let you know when you are drinking too much.


Kamene says even better, have friends who you can have those hard conversations with, ones you can give that hard piece of advice to.