I think we can all agree that October is the only month that had understood the assignment so far this year.

This month kicked off on a weekend, had a million and one holidays, that's when the president lifted the curfew and it decided you know what? I might as well end on a weekend!

Here we are, some with full pockets and some praying that their women don't end up with salaried ninjas just because they are not well off at the moment.


The weekend is here and so is sherehe, the kind of rieng that's here is full blown and given that we have two international artists in the country what can we expect.

We have lined up a number of events planned for the weekend and all I can say is if you happen to find yourself bored this weekend then it's entirely up to you.

Below are some of the events you should definitely look forward to this weekend ;

1. Omah Lay in Kenya

2. Etana in Kenya

3. Mejja in Thika

4. JuaCali in Kakamega

5. Jalang'o in Syokimau

6. Safari Sevens weekend