Davido showing off money
Image: Courtesy Davido showing off money

There are lanes and then there are Davido lanes!

On Wednesday, Davido jokingly asked his fans to send him money if they had been touched by his music over the years. This is ahead of his 29th birthday on 21st November.

The 'Assurance' singer whose net worth is believed to be over 20 million dollars said he needed the money to clear his Rolls Royce.

Davido who kept on updating his bank balance every few minutes, had targeted to raise 100 million naira (Sh27M) but he surpassed that within a short period leaving him emotional and speechless.

This goes to show that sometimes in life all you need is to knock and ask and the door will be opened to you and you shall receive that which you want.

Then again who are your friends? Would they come through for you if you asked them for money just for sherehe?