Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

The 360 degree camera stand or the rotating camera has become the latest sensation in Kenya.

They can be found in some of the high end clubs in Nairobi and even events organizers have incorporated the idea making it a must have gadget in every events.

Recently, Kamene and Jalas discussed the latest technology which has taken Kenyans by storm.

Jalas says the person who was smart enough to ship the gadget to the country before anyone else did must be smiling all the way to the bank.

Assuming that the businessman/woman charges Sh500 for a session with the rotating camera in a fully packed event, Jalas says the owner must be walking away with at least a cool million every weekend.

Jalas' first experience with the rotating camera however was hilarious as he wasn't familiar with how it works.

Watch the video below;