Jalas and Arrow Bwoy
Jalas and Arrow Bwoy

Jalas says he is not sorry for letting it slip that celebrity couple Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy are expecting their first child.

On Monday, The Morning Kiss co-host surprised many when he revealed that the two 'Radio Love' hit makers were expectant and urged Nadia to stop hiding her baby bump.

"Nadia pia awache kuvaa ma sweater Wacha mimba itoke. (Nadia should stop hiding the baby bump with big sweaters, unveil the pregnancy!) You know they visited me at home and see I am telling you. It's true! I think they want to do a baby bump shoot first." Said Jalang'o.

This didn't augur well with Arrow Bwoy who was left fuming and harshly responded to the leaked information.

He wrote, "2022 wanaume tupunguze mshene bana biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa  shugulika na maisha yako. (In 2022 men should reduce gossiping over issues that are none of their business. Please mind your business and leave other people's alone.)"

Jalas didn't take those words kindly but then again he was unmoved by them and vowed to mend their relationship however insisting that he isn't sorry for leaking the information.

Speaking on Thursday morning, Jalas said, "Mimi I just want to focus on my own love life. Sasa nishaitwa mtu wa mushene ata nikimpigia namwambia aje? Arrow Bwoy ameniweka chini bana sasa na trend (Now I have just been called a gossiper even if I call him what do I tell him? He tackled me with his words and I am now trending on blogs )"

The Lang'ata MP aspirant added that he will continue to gossip.

But then to Nadia and Arrow Bwoy kama nilikuwa nimeropoka nitaropokwa tu tena! Tutatengeneza bana it's only that I am not sorry (If I did gossip I will continue gossiping!)

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