Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba

Stylish politician Ababu Namwamba, says the best way he kills his free time by travelling across the world and discovering beautiful places.

how he spends his free time away from office.

Ababu who is the Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  was speaking to Kiss100.co.ke said he loves being with his family and travel a lot to different parts of the world."

"I spend a lot of time with my children. I love my children and I think parenting is an awesome experience." Namwamba said.

The best moments for me have been with my children .I also travel a lot not for work but for fun. I love visiting and seeing different part of the world , discovering little gems like Santorini in Greece or islands and amazing places in India.

I travel alone, sometimes with my family. And of course we have created this place called Che's Bay Beach Resort, on the shores of Lake Victoria and where we visit." 

Well it looks like we are going to manifest Namwamba -like lifestyle or we just stick to traveling the world via Instagram.

How do you kill your free time?

Check out the video below courtesy of Mpasho.co.ke