KRG the Don
KRG the Don

Gengetone rapper, KRG The Don has revealed that his much publicized birthday party celebrations cost him a whooping Sh5.4M.

KRG turned 31 on Monday, January 10th.

Speaking to Jalang'o on Kiss Unplugged on Friday, the flamboyant musician and entrepreneur says that he catered for his family and friends' expensive taste as they partied the night away until 9am the following day.

"Sherehe ilikuwa balaa. Tulipiga mpaka tukafika 5.4M pombe watu walikuwa wanamimina na watu walijua budget iko. Hennessy paradise ni around 170K majamaa walipiga kama chupa sita sasa wakakunywa XO kama 20." KRG said.

He says his planned helicopter grand entrance didn't materialize due to lack of a helipad and power lines which would have hindered a smooth maneuver. 

Chopper tulichukua so unfortunately yule pilot unajua pale Kuna wire za stima na Kuna buildings nyuma ya nyumba yangu, tulizunguka kama mara sita na nikaona pilot ataniangusha nikarudishwa kwa uwanja Ina magari 20.

The controversial father of four listed Mercedes-AMG E63, Land cruiser V8, Range Rover Vogue and Range Rover Sport as some of the posh cars that was part of his entourage during the Monday night celebrations.

Asked whether he was seeing anyone following his nasty breakup with his wife Linah Wanjiru, he said he is not planning to date anytime soon.

Right now I'm not interested in seeing people tutaona tu disco tuachane huko.

KRG says many question the source of his wealth yet they forget he started hustling since he was 17 and no one can match up to his deep pockets.

I have planted over 4,000 trees and in 8 year's time I will be pocketing approximately Sh16 billion. 

KRG plans to uplift other upcoming artists and empower them to be able to feed their families and see them empower others through music.

Apart from doing international collaborate I'm going to introduce so many artists and give them the platforms but not through signing them. Music employs so many people.

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