Jalas solo
Jalas solo

Jalang'o has promised his fans that they will still be seeing more of him in the entertainment scene even after he is elected Lang'ata MP.

The Kiss FM breakfast host is known for his passion in the entertainment industry where he doubles up as a corporate MC and an events host. He also owns and runs Jalang'o TV among many other ventures.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our very own Grace Makena, Jalang'o said; One thing I'm not gonna leave is entertainment because it's something that I love, and I wish I would still comeback and do my radio show and run to parliament because being a leader shouldn't change what you do.

image: Courtesy jalang'o

He added,

I still love hosting events, MCeeing why should I stop? This is just a chance to do something different, who said men can't multi-task? I'm going to be the first radio presenter who's also an MP who hosts gigs and still delivers the promises out there.

Heavy J says Amina Chao, was not ready to be an MP's wife and a lot has changed since he declared to run for Lang'ata parliamentary seat but she has since accepted his dreams and is behind him fully to the end.

She's still not ready for this. She's seen people have started to come home, we are having new friends, late nights and all but she supports me and she has accepted that this is the direction that I want to take, she said 'you know what? Why not let's do this!'

Asked if his brand name was what inspired him to run for a parliamentary seat, Jalas said his main goal is to make a difference for the people of Lang'ata and 'give the people of Lang'ata the Lang'ata that they deserve'

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