Daddy owen and rufftone
Daddy owen and rufftone

Gospel singer Daddy Owen says he supports his brother's bid to become the Nairobi Senator. 

This is despite him not being on the campaign trail with him. 

Speaking to, Owen said;

"I support Rufftone, but I am not active in politics, so it is not the way people would expect to see me out there campaigning. Sometimes I give him ideas...I am just not active in politics. I am a silent voter," 

He further added that Rufftone is aware that he is not active in political campaigns.

"I even told him...  I won't support him by going outside to shout... that is not me. I just participate in politics like a common mwananchi. I am more in governance, i participate in positive politics."

Responding to claims that he attempted to attack his brother in the past after political disagreements, Owen said;

"Politics is politics, it is not always that you have the same stand, but it doesn't mean there are differences."