Following a recent conversation on Chris Kirubi’s will from 1996 which stated that the business mogul had assets worth 20 billion Kenyan shillings along with luxury cars, Kamene and Obinna, in the morning kiss show were amazed by the amount of money the billionaire had considering that assets appreciate in value.

“Am shocked my sister, I saw the newspaper today, am having kidney failure.” Was Obinna’s reply having read the will of Mr. Kirubi.

According to the will, Kirubi left 500 million Kenya shillings each to his siblings, 80 percent of his estate went to his daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi, Fiona Kirubi also his daughter received 4 million Kenyan shillings while leaving nothing for his wife and mistress.

Kamene says if she inherited the Sh20B she would splash the money on; a Boat, a private plane, a chopper and a beach house whereas Obinna with just as low as 50,000 Kenyan shillings he could be able to afford food and something as simple as an air ticket.


Asking Kamene why she chose to purchase liabilities, Obinna said that he would just settle for a simple hangout with his friends In response, Kamene later said that she would build schools, churches and safe houses to help house gender based violence victims.

How would you spend the Sh20B?

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