Today on Babes by Kamene in The Morning Kiss insisted on letting go of situations that are not serving happiness and peace of mind.

Talking to ladies who are afraid to let go of toxic relationships or other matters that hinder growth in oneself, Kamene stood firm in congratulating her friends who have seen the light and left toxicity preventing happiness and have so far been happy since the huge step in life.

“Leaving that obstacle that will help you achieve happiness and peace of mind.” These were strong words the host emphasized.

Stressing on toxic relationships, she advised young ladies on leaving relationships that cause poor psychological health adding that she has witnessed young ladies coming out from the toxic relationships and becoming successful while single but still at the same time able to testify others having happy weddings and marriage proposals after leaving unsafe ones.

This was a wake-up call to every young ‘babe’ that life is too short to struggle since there is nothing in the world that one is forced to hold on to. Letting go of anything for happiness and better peace of mind was the moral of today’s ‘Babes’ segment by Kamene.

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