Nameless and E-sir
Nameless and E-sir

Veteran musician, Nameless and fallen legend, E-sir were on their way from a concert in Nakuru when the latter died in an accident in 2003.

Nameless has always paid tribute to the man he always refers to as a brother, acknowledging that he is the one who saved him on that fateful day.

Speaking on Thursday during 'Pride ya Kenya' launch, Nameless revisited the sad story, saying E-sir's selfless act left him with an obligation to keep on honoring the 'Moss moss' hit maker. 

He said; "My brother E-sir I always feel like I have a bro, the story behind (his death) is; he moved me from the two seats (where) I would have died. He is the one who moved me without even knowing be was telling me 'No let's sit here'.

I always feel like I have an obligation and a purpose to keep telling and I always ask myself why did God do that."

Nameless was featured on 'Bandana ya E-sir' a cross-generational collaboration that paid tribute to the South C's finest rapper.

He says the rapper had three attributes that made him a legend, something he hope and prays the current young crop of artists would emulate from him.

"I will say this also for the kids who hear about E-sir I would like them to know why he was amazing. For him, the three things that stood out is that he was very talented, very hard working but also very humble." He said.

Adding, Humble means you are open to hear other things, you don't feel like you know everything and that's what made him grow so fast because he'd learn very fast.

That's something I always like to teach the young artists. They come with the confidence that they have talent but also come with the humility that they can learn a lot more and become better.

The father of two also paid tribute to K-Rupt and Poxy Presha as other legends who went through a lot to push their music and hence why they are always celebrated.