E-sir and Trio Mio
E-sir and Trio Mio

A while back Kenyans sparked one of the  most interesting and fiery debates on social media.

The debate was about who's the best rapper between the late E-sir and the fast rising young superstar Trio Mio.

Many compared the two's lyrical prowess and while some claimed it was too early to put that much pressure on Trio, some were convinced he was E-sir reincarnated.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kiss100.co.ke, E-sir's brother, Habib Wangui said he sees a lot of similarities between the two and praised Trio as one of the best rappers in the country. However, he says both are greats in their own right.

'Trio is very hardworking, very passionate about music and he takes initiative by trying to know all the right people in the industry.

He makes all the moves E-sir would have made, but we cannot compare two people."

Habib added, "Trio wants to be remembered as Trio Mio and not as Esir.

He can fill Esir's shoes very perfectly as he is perfect, but they are not the same."

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When the 'Bandana ya E-sir' hit makers visited Kiss FM on Thursday, Nameless revealed that part of the proceeds from the song and E-sir merchandise will go towards the legend's family.

Nameless said; Just remember E-Sir passed away at the age of 21 and he had already done an album, what pains me is that he can't earn from the music he did and as artists we make money from concerts.

Adding, so what we did is we put all his music on all digital platforms so that guys can now access his art.

I always say it would have been me that passed away in that accident and I say when I pass I want people to remember me through my music.

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