MUlamwah and sonnie
MUlamwah and sonnie

Comedian Mulamwah and his ex-girlfriend, Carol Muthoni went separate ways late last year soon after the two welcomed their daughter. 

None of them has ever went public to spill the beans on why they called it quits, until yesterday when Mulamwah opened up about their estranged relationship on Dr. Ofweneke's YouTube show.

Asked the reason behind their breakup Mulamwah said, "There was something recurrent. Something happened before. The fact that me seeing it each and every time when I look at someone. It was really getting into me and I saw it fit that we shouldn't keep on going we spoil the story.  So I decided to kill it(the relationship) immediately and I took full responsibility for everything and I sorted out all the medical bills for the mother and child."



Mulamwah and sonnie
photo: Sources Mulamwah and sonnie

From the look of things, it looks like Mulamwah appeared to hint that his spending behavior could have been what created a rift between them. 

It's not being a miser, Of course, if you have the money, spend it. We are those people who came to Nairobi by bus. We are here to hustle for 2, 3 years and then go back. So it is important to make that place you came from."

He further added;

“Living in a Ksh 9,000 house does not mean I don’t have money. I have over a million, but it doesn't make sense when you tell me to drink Ksh 8,000 and there is a person who we pay Ksh 2000 monthly to take care of our cows...I come from a place where money is valued, Ksh 1,000 can push my grandma for two weeks. You cannot convince me to spend 10-15k a night and yet I will not be accountable for it."

According to Mulamwah, if he refused to spend money on her, she would would opt to get them from elsewhere and that was when he decided enough was enough.

"That was where the issue was. These ladies there are things that they love maybe. And if they miss it here they will go and get it somewhere else. That was the only problem that we had. When I came to realise that 'this' and 'this' was going on, I called it quits for my peace."

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