Jimal Rohosafi says he is taking a three-year break from matters love and relationships to focus on securing the bag first.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the flamboyant businessman said once the break is over, then he will jump straight into marriage.

Jimal recently broke up with his wife Amira after the latter asked for a divorce moments after her hubby sent his former flame, Amber Ray a birthday message.

"I was in relationships and I have had hiccups in my relationships but for now I think I'm single and I don't think I can go to relationships again and not this time round," he said.  Adding, maybe after three years let me first secure the bags from that position after three years I can go direct to marriage.

Jamal and Amira
Photo: Courtesy Jamal and Amira

Jimal says part of the reason why he won't be focusing on love is because he 'forgets himself' and becomes 'weak' when he falls in love. His sole focus now is on his business as he plans to retire when he hits 40.

Socialite, Amber Ray had tattooed Jimal's name on her back and she recently posted a photo undergoing a tattoo removal process probably to signify the end of their affair.

Speaking about it, Jimal said he loves tattoos on people's bodies but wouldn't get one himself. He said he respects Amber Ray's move since it was her decision in the first place.

"My tattoo being removed is somebody's decision to remove my tattoo because it was her decision also to put the tattoo.

She told that once I love somebody and I love him 100% that was my dream to put a tattoo. So for her to remove it, it was her choice." He said.

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