Amber Ray
Amber Ray

Kenyan celebrity Amberay seems to have moved on days after it was revealed that she finally broke up with Jimal Rohosafi.

Ray, has shared a photo having a good time with a man who is believed to be from Sierra Leone identified as Ik Kabba.

Ray shared the photo and wrote; 'My favourite pic"

He reshared the photo and responded " Me too babe"

Recently, she was reported to have removed a tattoo that had Jimal's name in it.

She also complained that she was tired of building up her romantic partners.

"I'm at a place where I do not want to build up my next partner. it's draining. I've done it. I've tried to be that ride or die, but it's such an energy imbalance. I'm tired. I want someone who is already emotionally available, emotionally expressive, and financially stable, that's it." She wrote on Instagram