During their morning breakfast show, Oga Obina made it clear to Kamene Goro that he does not give women money.

"Read from my lips, I'm not giving you any money. I don't give women any money." Obina said after Kamene had asked him to send her money.

He went on to jokingly admit that this strategy is the main reason that he was able to amass so much wealth. 

Obina emphasized that his financial stability was due to the fact that he didn't throw cash around when it came to women especially in clubs.

"What is driving men broke is giving the wrong women money," Obina told Kamene during the show.

Men spend a lot of money pleasing women in clubs, from buying drinks to shisha, meals and fuel dropping them home.


Sometimes outside their budget without thoughts for other bills..

He said that men need to know the women to give money and the right amount to give. According to Obina only three women fall under the "give money" category. 

One's mom, first lady (read girlfriend) and a baby mama if you have one, so as to keep her at bay.