A bowl of strawberries coated in white and milk chocolate, alongside chocolate bars
A bowl of strawberries coated in white and milk chocolate, alongside chocolate bars

Foods are known to offer a wide range of benefits, well there's also the fact that they keep us healthy and full.

Out of their many interesting facts, the most fascinating one is that some foods are aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac can be defined as a food or drink that stimulates/increases s3xual desires, pleasure or attraction.


Below is a list of foods that have been known to be excellent aphrodisiacs:

1) Dark chocolates 

They aren't just tasty treats, the compounds in cacao have been noted to have aphrodisiac effects, particularly in women. Making chocolates a whole lot of packed goodness. 

2) Strawberries

A bowl of freshly picked strawberries
A bowl of freshly picked strawberries

Ever wondered why they're the perfect gift for special occasions? Especially when dipped in chocolate? Yes, you guessed it right. In the French countryside, there were traditionally served as cold soup to newlyweds to spice up their honeymoon.

Their high vitamin C levels help increase blood flow, which is needed for good performance.

3) Oysters

These tasty seafood have been known over hundreds of years to have libido-boosting effects and have been used widely to increase drive and desire.

4) Almonds

Not only are these nuts been a symbol of fertility in art forever but they're also a prime source of fatty acids and strong aphrodisiac qualities.

The magnesium in the nuts is beneficial in producing testosterone and for arousing desires in both females and males. 

And the Omega-3 helps boost hormone synthesis, leading to a higher drive. 

Next time a special occasion comes up, have one or two of these in your meal plan for the day, you'll thank me later.