Kamene and Obinna
Kamene and Obinna

Obinna left Kamene gobsmacked when he reminded her that beauty is no longer a qualification men look for in men.

Obinna told Kamene that yes, it might be the first thing that draws us to our lovers but what's beneath and beyond that which is physical is what keeps a man grounded.

"Beauty is a thing for dudes but peace is what keeps a man." Obinna said.

Adding, I have friends who Will date the likes of kamene but when it comes to marrying they'll settle with a madam that looks like Obinna. You know why? Peace when the yings and yangs align, then that's it and we stop caring about looks."

When we put up the question on Twitter, a number of men agreed with Obinna but some maintained that beauty comes first.

Omollo: looks ni important bana, but sio saana, amani mwanamke anakupea ndio paramount, we marry for peace and cheat with the cute faces.

Kariuki Muringi: Looks matter ofcos. The thing is reality is just boring. When the mask is off the other side of people is not all that glamorous. Remain mysterious!

Elisha: I think looks are important because firstly you fall in love after judging the looks, secondly beauty lies on the beholder's eyes. That which you think is ugly is beautiful to another person. Good morning kiss.

MC Tenje:  Let me tell you menje ,number one thing is PEACE,tabia and a lady you can build a future together with.

Nelson: I can't be with someone who look like a weapon formed against me.