Nadia Mukami on Kiss FM
Nadia Mukami on Kiss FM

African pop star Nadia Mukami has revealed she lost many people she used to refer to as friends after losing her first pregnancy.

Nadia had a miscarriage in April 2021.

Speaking on her YouTube page, the 'Wangu' singer revealed she suffered the miscarriage due to career pressures and toxic people.


She says she had a weird feeling she was pregnant when attending her friends baby shower. A home test turned out positive.

‘Honestly I got pregnant at the height of my career. So it’s a lot of things that come in I've been through the first miscarriage it changed my life for ever. I think the only thing that could ever break my life I think has just happened, sidhani there is anything else that can break me.’ Nadia said.

 ‘It has to be the weirdest place I had to be. I remember leaving the hospital after the procedure to remove the things, I went through counselling, people at the time didn’t know what I was going through. I went for counselling for a very long time,’

Nadia also revealed the names they had selected for their dead baby – Safare, for a boy, and Lola for a girl.

Arrow bwoy agreed saying ‘it was hard’ with Nadia describing the extent she went to hide the pregnancy.

"Imagine I had to hide it, and I had contracts I have to honor and so no one cares about your personal problems so that’s why I think I have been choosing me, in my jobs, if you are toxic to me mentally, I just cut you off, even when I have many business kama unanipea stress 'cause I know I’ve had the worst year, last year, so it was more of we unataka kunipea stress we toka 'cause having to be an artiste still leading in number till now fighting to maintain your career, fighting yani ni mtihani.

The fact that I had to get on shows perform, act like its OK ... no one gives a damn about your problems and that’s why I think I have chose me"

Nadia said multitasking took a toll on her and she prayed to God to take out situations that would have killed her in God's hands.

"I have fought kama last year that’s why I lost so many people in 2021 'cause I don’t have time to explain. I could have walked away 'cause being in a career where your life is everyone's business’

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