If you have had a chance to listen to Sosuun's musical art, you've probably heard her using the term, 'main chick'

The singer was asked why she frequently uses the term as many still think that it is meant to scare away potential side chicks clinging on Kenrazy.

Sosuun said, "Hii dunia wanaume hawapangwingwi, it gets to a level where there are possibilities kuna mtu ana eye your person." adding that her tag helps her maintain her mark on all her relationships.


Days before the release of her new song,  "Chachisha' a collaboration with Vivian, the two had been posting skits showing them fighting each other in studio.

Although Vivian wasn't in a position to attend the interview, Sosuun had a clear explanation of what was going on.

"Working on this relationship hasn’t been a smooth road, tulisumbuana kiasi but saii tuko na a mutual idea and am soo happy for the quality we have out especially in the video," said Sosuun indicating that the 'beef' was just a marketing scheme to promote their song.


Nonetheless,  Sosuun also added on how tough it was to work with Vivian as each had a different opinion on how to go about with things considering they are both well established artists.

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