Kamene and Obinna
Kamene and Obinna

Obinna is undergoing the real character development and this time it's not from his lover but his house manager.

Narrating to his co-host Kamene, Obinna said that his house manager wants a salary increment, double what she has been getting and her reasons sound valid.

"So she texted me, 'the money for last month that I have not paid and it is double her salary.' OK so I told you my house help is not from Kenya she is from Uganda so we agreed on a certain amount of salary." Obinna said.

Adding, when I went back home and talked to her she was like 'You got a job.' The quote I gave her was when I was jobless, so now that I have a job I need to pay her double and the workload is even half!

Kamene said she supports Obinna's housie saying her co-host has upgraded and ever since the two became colleagues she has never seen him repeat clothes.

Watch the hilarious video below;