Since the two, DJ Slahver and Nicah the Queen announced their break up on social media, Kenyans, who were closely following their relationship, had a lot to share and Obinna wasn’t left out.

From his own point of view, Obinna outlined that he had foreseen and had been patiently waiting for their breakup, months after Slahver and Nicah announced their new beginnings.

The Morning Kiss co-host arguably said, “He gave her more power than he had…if you look at Slahver and look at Nicah, if you put the two together, you’ll see where the scale differs…if Nicah couldn’t stay with the fyat she was with you think Slahver who is a cool kid, could manage.”


According to Kamene and Obinna, Dj Slahver wasn’t in a better place considering Nicah was in a previous relationship with someone coupled by a hardy personality.

“If a fyat left and Slahver is there you know amechora eyebrows, beards zimekuwa shaped vizuri, the other one hady nywele hakuwa nayo. Nicah is for the streets…” Added Obinna.

The moment Obinna won Kamene’s attention was when he concluded by saying that men shouldn’t move into their girlfriend’s houses in which, according to sources, Dj Slahver had moved into Nicah’s house and that's where he made a wrong turn.


Check out the video conversation below:

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