From 3.5 million starving Kenyans to an exaggerated high cost of living, average Kenyans are constantly complaining about the ridiculously huge bills they incur leave alone the country’s outstanding debt.

On The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Obinna were going through a list of some recurring expenses with Kamene highlighting, “parents, you have school fees due waiting for you, we have an election incoming which the government has invested billions in, fertilizer prices are going up and a number of Kenyans are starving.

According to the two, given the state in which the country is at the moment, living in Kenya is a miracle.


Kenyans, especially University students, have outwardly said that they are sometimes forced to sleep without eating leave alone those struggling with the current fuel shortage.

It is right to say that each Kenyan, regardless of his or her social class, is facing a challenge thanks to the change in the country’s economy, what is your struggle?

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