American rapper Busta Rhymes, sent a congratulatory message to singer Diamond Platinumz over the huge steps he has been making since the start of his music career.

In a video shared by Diamond Platinumz on his Instagram stories, the renowned rapper is heard saluting the singer for his hard work and quality music he releases.

"Diamond Platinumz salute hommie, you are always putting in this amazing energy," Busta Rhymes says in the video.


This not being the first time Busta has recognized the WCB CEO, back in June 2021, Rhymes labeled Platnumz as the African ‘Michael Jackson’ at a time they had linked up for a studio session at producer Swizz Beatz' studio.

In the video he says, "Let me Zoom in to the Michael Jackson, African One, Diamond Platnumz lets be clear, he is danger for real”.

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