Mtumba man, on Instagram live, cleared rumors surrounding his relationship with content creator, Kinuthia.

Word on the street was that the business man was dating the Kenyan cross-dresser after Kinuthia posted a picture of the Mtumba man, who was shirtless, and himself toasting with a glass of wine with the caption, “DAWA YA BALLOON NI SHINDANO @mtumba_man WILL YOU”, adding a ring and love emoji at the end.

On the Instagram live, Mtumba man said, “It’s not the way you think guys, stop overthinking, me and Kinuthia tulikutana na tulikuwa tunachapa content ya how to be mothers, aliniona kwa video nilikuwa nimefanya nikupasua TV akasema this guy can act na akataka tuchape content. Tulipiga content na picha pia and we were not alone in the room.”


Mtumba man insisted that the dating story took him by surprise and that Kenyans shouldn’t take such stories seriously.

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