at Kiss FM studios
Jalas, Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studios
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Former Kiss FM presenter and political aspirant, Jalan’go, made a surprise visit to Kiss FM during the Morning Kiss show.

The Azimio nominated candidate, who is celebrating his birthday today, surprised his long-time friends, Kamene and Obinna, and even got a chance to have a session on air with both the breakfast presenters.

Just as friends do when they haven’t seen each other for a long period, Jalang’o, Kamene and Obinna were catching up on air with each narrating what they have been up to.

Obviously, Kamene shared her experience of working with Obinna bantering how stressful Obinna has been since he started his new role on Kiss FM.

During Jalang’o’s on-air time, both Jalango and Kamene were addressing Obinna, and his work-related issues, offering advice to the comedian.

From a story that emerged over the weekend that Obinna was seen fighting in a club, Jalang’o said, “Bwana, stop fighting in clubs.” While facially imitating someone getting choked.

Jalang’o also brought up the April fool’s day prank that Kamene and Obinna pulled, where they were spotted holding each other while shopping for baby-related products.

 “Niliona mlikuwa Nakuru pamoja, mkarudi kila mtu kama independent candidate nikajua hapo nominations imeenda (I saw the two of you were in Nakuru together, upon return, you all came independently and I immediately knew something is up),” Jalang’o said laughing at both Kamene and Obinna.

The three also addressed the anticipated long weekend with Kamene saying that her weekend will start earlier since she is opting to forego the show tomorrow and leave Obinna to it.

As expected, Jalang’o hilariously advised Obinna to fake illnesses so that he could also have the chance to enjoy the long-awaited weekend.

Saa zingine ujifiche, kwani hujui Malaria? (sometimes  you need to hide, ever heard of Malaria?), you can’t predict your sickness, just say you are sick on Friday or do you know how to miss flights!” Jalang’o said leaving Kamene and Obinna cracking up.

Check out the video below:

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