Kamene Goro
Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Capital news

Talking about Kenyan songstress, Nyota Ndogo and her decision to go bald, Kiss Fm presenter Kamene Goro opened up as to why she only rocks short hair.

"Stop sugar coating the thing... say she went to the barber shop with 20 shillings as times are hard, times are tough so she just told the barber to shave her head." Obinna joked in response to Kamene saying short hair rocks and reinforcing the idea that Nyota's move was bold and a form of self liberation.

"But she looks nice... she looks young, I was looking at Nyota Ndogo ohh." Obinna added exclaiming in delight.

Kamene went on to explain to Obinna the why and how having short or no hair (specifically for ladies) is a good thing.

"Do you know not having hair is the dopest thing in the world, you know what it is like for a babe... you won't understand coz you're a dude but for a babe when you walk into a shower and you don't have to wrap anything around your head. You know that feeling of water running down from your head to your toes freely... without having to worry to make appointments late on." Kamene told Obinna.

The radio presenter went on to Narrate a terrible hair experience that had her swearing she would never done wigs ever again.

"I remember this time I was in coast for a work gig so being a baby girl I decided I'll go with a wig to coast and that's the last time I ever did that in my life. A full wig and this is during December, it is hot properly. We got on a jet-skii and the wig got wet, while alighting I sidestepped and fell into the water!" Kamene  said.

She recalls how she went back to the hotel room, tried fixing the wig but nothing was working. It actually had a stench but she couldn't walk around with wig lines.

She took it to a salon to see if it could be salvaged and was told that it couldn't be rectified immediately as it would require a couple of days work to restore it to resemblance of its former glory.

So she left the salon and went to a barber shop nearby and cut her hair.

"I went back to the hotel and guys were like gosh what did you do? Why?" She said recalling people's reactions at first.

Kamene finished off by saying the shower she had that day was magical and from then on she decided short air is the it for her.