rocking jewelries in a previous
Moya David rocking jewelries in a previous
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Moya David is the most sought after dancer in the 254 right now.

Dancing to Jovial and Marioo's 'Mi amor' propelled him to greatness and he continues to inspire many upcoming dancers, mending broken relationships as well as making the entire nation happy with just a few moves to the popular jam.

On Saturday, Moya was spotted teaching Kiss FM's Oga Obinna's kids how to dance to 'Mi Amor' and it is fair to say that, even if the comedian spent a fortune for that quick session, it was worth every penny.

Moya was invited into Obinna's home for a quick dance session which left four of the host's kids all smiles and perfectly dancing.

An impressed Obinna couldn't help bu post the adorable video of his tribe with the caption that read, The @theobinnaz loved @moyadavid1 so we had to mobilize and make sure he gives them a private class不不不不不不不 

Obinna's fans had some raving reviews of the dance lessons, preserving the very best for the little cub who won many hearts because of how quick of a learner she is.

Edu Mayoyoh: Enyewe hata wakikuita father Abraham bora unaweza kulea, kuwa tu father of all nations.

Sauti tv: Lovely歹歹歹

Prince Chak: The youngest gal...I love her

Felix Kaisa: A happy family indeed

Dola Bill: Apart from the smallest, the others left no stone unturned when they all took their father's inability to dance .

Millicent Ayimo: Happy family the youngest she is Aquick student

The dance beauty: Killing it歹歹歹歹

Liz Aoko: It's Lola for me

Judyee caster: A big beautiful's the little one for me.

Moya David was part of the crew that surprised Kamene Goro on her birthday a few weeks ago with wine and flowers, leaving the breakfast host in tears.

He recently revealed that he made his first Million when he turned 25,praising God for His timings given that he was almost giving up on dance.