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eric omondi looking dapper in a unique suit
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There was drama on Friday night at the Captains Lounge when revelers became rowdy and were baying for Harmonize's blood over poor performance.

The Tanzanian music star was making a club appearance and ended up performing only two lines from his hit songs Kwangwaru and Teacher, something that angered revelers who had paid handsome amounts just to see him.

Some had paid Sh 1000, for regular tickets, Sh 2,000 for VIP, and Sh 5,000 for VVIP.

Addressing the unfortunate drama to the media, comedian Eric Omondi who had accompanied Harmonize to Captains Lounge, said it was a case of misunderstanding from fans on what was expected of Harmonize at the club.

"A lot of things happened, it was a party and some people were excited...the club was small. There is a difference between a concert and/event. Kenyans must understand that it was a club appearance/technical appearance/meet and greet/ an afterparty," Eric Omondi said. 

On the brief performance, Omondi defended the Konde music worldwide CEO saying  the 'Uno' hitmaker was not obliged to entertain revelers that night. 

"The artist is supposed to just chill, he is not supposed to perform. Harmonize was coming to perform at KICC, Kenyans should understand. You can even pay 1 million, you know what a club appearance is...it happens worldwide."

People themselves demanded that Harmonize should perform, so he sang some songs. Even tomorrow we have another club appearance and the artists will not perform, unless at his own will. He should not be told what to do," Eric added. 

Narrating what transpired, Omondi confirmed that indeed he and Harmonize were targeted by the angry revelers.  

“I feel Harmonize, people charged towards him, his car was stoned. I had to stay there for long, police had to be there because people were waiting for me outside."

Omondi expressed fears that Kenyans behaviors might scare away international artists.