rocking an all denim outfit in studio
Oga Obinna rocking an all denim outfit in studio
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The Morning Kiss presenter, Oga Obinna has had his say on the whole Eric Omondi and Harmonize drama that went down on Sunday.

The two were the subject of many conversations online for the better part of the day. Eric Omondi went from defending Harmonize failed club appearances to accusing him of punching him in the face.

That wasn't all. Harmonize would then get arrested for obtaining money by false pretence.

Obinna says he would have found himself embroiled in the Friday drama at Captain's Lounge which saw Harmonize perform for less than five minutes. His actions would trigger revelers who had paid a lot of money to see him.

Obinna says he saw Eric Omondi's drama coming from the moment he alleged that he had been punched in the face by Harmonize.

"I was called to go to that event but hatukuelewana pesa and I didn't know my Jesus was protecting me via not kuelewana," said Obinna.

Adding, I saw kina freddy Omondi doing a roadshow advertising the show. I was seeing this story and the ngumi part I was like sounds a little bit interesting, hours later tumesameheana and I was like I saw this coming.

punched in the face by Harmonize
Eric Omondi punched in the face by Harmonize
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After spending a few hours inside the Kileleshwa police station, immediately the Kwangwaru hitmaker tasted freedom again, he and his team took to social media to announce that he would be flying to Mombasa. In fact, he said Mombasa people should expect him to perform 25 songs!

Mombasa...!!!!! Tonight SPECIAL LABOUR DAY PARTY volumeclub001 Can't wait 25 Songs FOR YOU MOMBASA ...!!!! 🐘 Posted Harmonize.

Harmonize would then be seen sitting side to side with Eric Omondi in a plane on their way to perform in Mombasa.

In a video posted by Eric Omondi, the two expressed their love and admiration to each other after 'making up' from the alleged altercation.

Omondi apologized to Harmonize for the role he played while Harmonize reiterated that the two will always be brothers for life.