Amber Ray
Socialite and musician Amber Ray
Image: Courtesy

Amber Ray is known for her outspoken nature, sarcasm, sense of humour and will to not only fight for herself but also let go when the ship starts sinking.

Well there's also the whole craze of her and wababa, especially married men. Where Amber is drama is sure set to arise.

The Kamba babe turned musician (yes, she has a song out.... I know) held a QnA with her fans on her insta stories where as in her usual spirit she answered all of the burning questions that netizens had in regards to her and her life.


She touched on her abusive past relationship with her ex saying that for some reason the physical abuse did not give her self esteem issues but if given the chance to rewind the clock she'd most definitely do this life thing differently.

"I'd definitely put myself first." Amber replied to a fan who asked her what she'd do differently if she had a second chance.

Amber also added that she does not regret what happened between her and her baby daddy because as she likes to put it "si ni life."


"Are you considering getting married for a second time?" A curious fan asked the mother of one. In good spirit Amber didn't take offence in the question she laughed it off and answered with her usual sense of humour.

"3rd time you mean? Of course, we ain't giving up on love." Amber replied.

Amber most recent relationship (she was dating Jimal Rohosafi and the two were rumoured to have actually had a traditional wedding) ended in chaos and drama as her and Jimal's first wife not only traded words online but almost got involved in a physical altercation.

Ironically, this was not the first time that Amber's marriage (as a second wife to be precise) has failed.

A while ago, the socialite was married to controversial businessman Zaheer Jihanda, she actually went ahead and converted for him. They however broke up about 3 years later and Amber swore never to be a second wife again.

But the wise men taught us to never say never.

She went against her own promise but even that hasn't deterred her spirit as she does hope to find love again.